The Resolution Will Not Be Televised: September is the New January

January 1 has all the fun. Champagne corks pop, a Swarovski crystal ball drops, and there is showy countdown coverage on every major TV network. Yes, technically it's a new year, but I'm done with New Year's resolutions.  January simply does not feel like a fresh beginning; there is no big shift of any sort in the middle of winter, and I have always felt a little disingenuous suddenly revamping my game plan from one day to the next.

Perhaps it’s a vestige of childhood, but September, with its back-to-school theme, cooler days, and swirl of changing leaves, feels bright, new, and hopeful – even if no bells and whistles go off. It's a less forced, less intimidating time to make resolutions; the perfect "soft launch."

As I buy my kids freshly sharpened pencils and blank notebooks, ripe with creative potential, I feel like it’s a clean start for me as well, and because I’m helping them get their lives organized for a successful year, I take the opportunity to think about and organize mine. With the lazy days of summer behind me, fall is a harvest time of creativity, and I’m inspired to hit the re-start button on my projects and sort myself out.

And if and when my September resolutions fall flat, and of course many of them do, I can always join the crowd at the end of the year and take another stab at the new-and-improved me. 

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